Coping with Anxiety

Hi everyone 🙂 At previous meetings we have discussed the various anxious feelings that are encountered by an approaching anniversary. I found an online article that addresses, albeit impersonally, some of the feelings that many of us experience and I wanted to share. The highlights are:

APA offers the following coping strategies to help people through traumatic anniversaries:

Recognize and acknowledge feelings you may experience. Understand that your feelings are part of the recovery process.

Find healthy ways to cope with your distress. Share memories and feelings with someone you trust or just spend time with friends and family. Activities that allow your mind to focus on something other than these memories are a good coping strategy for some people. Contemplative activities like reading, thinking or just taking a walk are also a good approach.

Avoid reactions that become part of the problem such as drinking or using drugs.

Engage in an activity that honors lost loved ones. You may want to plant a tree in their memory, make a donation to their favorite charity, participate in activities your loved one would have enjoyed or share happy memories with others. Consider volunteering; you may find that helping others actually helps you.

Use your support system. Reach out to friends and family. Don’t isolate yourself.

To read the entire article, go to the following website:

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