Columbine Offers Guidance on Healing

A few weeks ago Heather Egeland, Jennifer Hammer, and Paula Reed sat down with a reporter from Newtown, CT. He was working on a story called “Lessons from Columbine” they covered a variety of tough subjects ranging from how to move forward, what to do with the school etc… He also met with a few other people in our Rebel family. Check out the rest of this blog to see the week long series.

Part I Interview with Frank DeAngelis
The first interview with Frank DeAngelis aired 2-4-2013. I am posting the link on here so that you can all watch it if you want. I will post the links each day so that you are able to see the whole story.

Part II Interview with Parents and Survivors
Eyewitness News sat down with everyone from the parents of survivors and victims to the teachers who were inside Columbine High School during the shootings to the principal and law enforcement.

Part III Interview with The Rebels Project
Interviews with Paula Reed, Jennifer Hammer, and Heather Egeland about the healing process and how counseling is a process that takes many years.

Part IV Interview with First Responders
Something we have seen since Columbine is the First Responders (Police, Paramedics, ER Doctors) are often forgotten. People concentrate on the victims so much that they don’t realize that the First Responders are affected by the tragedy and carry what they saw for the rest of their lives.

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