• The Hidden Burden of Mass Shootings -Huffington Post

    Several TRP members are featured in this article. We send love to all those survivors continuing to heal from mass tragedy.

  • Grieving in a Fishbowl-9 minute Documentary by The Glassbreaker Films Initiative

      In February, The Rebels Project filmed a short documentary. If you have 10 spare minutes, consider checking it out 🙂 We’re always a little nervous when we do projects like this because we never know what the end result will look like, but overall, we are pretty pleased with this one. Please know the […]

  • The Rebels Project 2nd Annual Survivor Gathering

    The Rebels Project (TRP) held their 2nd Annual Survivor Gathering July 28-July 29 in Colorado. Survivors from over ten different mass tragedy communities from across the United States gathered to connect, share, encourage, and inspire each other.

  • An Open Letter to Survivors

  • Letters of Peace

    On November 1, Paper & Packaging launched a Letters of Peace campaign that focuses on spreading peace through handwritten letters. Heather, our co-founder, was chosen to write a Letter of Peace and record a video that highlights resilience and acceptance. The other messengers also have incredible letters and videos – please watch and share!

  • Beer, Cheer, and Finding Peace

    Beer, Cheer and Finding Peace Join the Columbine community and The Rebels Project as we host a raffle and silent auction on Black Friday to help support the ongoing maintenance and repairs of the Columbine memorial. A portion of funds raised will go towards supporting and connecting survivors of mass tragedy across the nation. When: […]

  • An Open Letter to Survivors

    The Rebels Project was formed by Columbine survivors in the wake of the Aurora theater shooting to help provide support from people who had experienced a similar trauma. Since conception, we have reached out to survivors from across the country. Our members offer varied unique experiences and can relate to each other in a way […]

  • Anne Marie Hochhalter’s Open Letter

    With the upcoming 20/20 Special with Sue Klebold a lot of Columbine survivors have been speaking up and sharing their thoughts within our community. One thing that comes up is the inaccuracy and manipulation of previous “Special Reports” through out the years. Something that caught my eye while discussing this with others today, was an […]

  • Help Us Connect

    One of the things I have often heard from other survivors is that they had no idea we existed. However, once they join our group they feel immediate relief that someone understands what they are going through. The beauty of The Rebels Project is that we have so many members; each with their own story […]

  • Glamour Shares Our Stories

      Glamour Magazine shares the stories of eight women who have survived mass shootings, including The Rebels Project’s own Jennifer Hammer, Heather Egeland and Sherrie Lawson!